SOW N REAP CO Elderberry Syrup 500ML

SOW N REAP CO Elderberry Syrup 500ML

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Boost your immune system naturally with Sow N Reap Co Elderberry Syrup. A delicious blend of organic ingredients jam-packed with Sambucus Nigra Elderberries – one of the most densely nutritious berries in the world. An age-old “cold and flu” elixir, Elderberry is also widely reported for its health benefits in modern clinical research.

Health benefits may include:
- Prevention and treatment of colds and flus
- anti-fungal
- anti-inflammatory
- anti-cancer
- anti-allergy
- anti-viral
- relieves sore throats
- alleviates congestion
- soothes upset stomachs
- natural antiseptic and analgesic helping to eliminate the spread of germs
- improves exercise performance
- reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


Organic Sambucus nigra elderberries
Raw local honey from the Yarra Valley
Ceylon cinnamon


Use once daily, up to three times daily.
Adults - one tablespoon
Children - one teaspoon
Not for use for infants younger than 12 months as it contains raw honey.