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All KEHOE'S products are Fermented, Raw & Probiotic.

At Kehoe’s Kitchen they use only the finest locally sourced certified organic fresh produce.  The sauerkrauts are dry salted and fully fermented before being jarred. The nutritional benefits are increased by the use of traditional fermentation process. A more mature kraut guarantees plentiful beneficial bacteria and a full bodied flavour. The kraut also becomes more acidic and acts as a digestive enzyme, allowing easier digestion and absorption of more nutrients.

INGREDIENTS: Organic wombok* cabbage, organic carrot, organic apples, organic onion, natural sea salt, organic ginger, organic chilli, organic garlic & organic turmeric.

USE: Keep Refrigerated.  Serve as a condiment with meals or on its own. Do not heat above 40 deg C if wanting probiotic benefit.  Preservative free, but naturally acidic so will keep well for months once opened if not contaminated after opening.  It’s best to use a clean fork, close lid immediately and refrigerate.

ALLERGENS: Made in facility where cashews are used. Great care is taken, however traces may be present.

Kehoe’s Kitchen is 100% Australian owned and operated. We use 100% Australian Grown Fresh Produce.