HAB SHIFA- TQ+ Org Black Seed Oil 50ML

HAB SHIFA- TQ+ Org Black Seed Oil 50ML

HAB SHIFA- TQ+ Org Black Seed Oil 50ML

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From the time of King David down to the internet age, many have found relief from a variety of ailments with black seed oil. Ancient texts, including the Book of Isaiah, refer to Nigella Sativa oil and other black seed based products as sources of both food and medicine. Researchers have also found black seed in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, and evidence of its use by Queen Nefertiti. A renowned ancient Islamic scholar even claimed that black seed oil cured all, except death.

Many can bring the benefits of black seed oil products to your doorstep, but few have the track record of Hab Shifa. For almost a decade, Hab Shifa has offered top quality black seed and honey based health boosting products. When buying from Hab Shifa, rest assured that all products meet stringent definitions of all natural and organic and exclude any and all GMO products, as well.

For Nigella Sativa oil, Hab Shifa obtains only the finest products from the most reputable sources. Then utilize a special cold press method to extract the oil, only meeting the highest possible standards every step of the way.

Hab Shifas team has over three decades of combined experience in creating and providing the best health care products based on black seed oil and honey. Hab Shifa take pride in offering some of the best health boosting products made right here in Australia for sale around the world.

For thousands of years, millions have treated their ailments with powerful black seed oil. Ancient texts, including the Book of Isaiah, refer to Nigella Sativa oil and other black seed-based products as both food and medicine. Luckily, modern scientists and researchers are finally catching up to what ancient Islamic scholars recorded long ago.

Black seed oil, also known as Kalonji Oil and Black Cumin Oil, is among the many Nigella Sativa oil products crafted by Hab Shifa! Our oils promote wellness, boosting the immune system, and helping to manage chronic conditions. Researchers around the world are finally uncovering all the ways that black seed-based products may be used to treat some of the most serious chronic conditions there is.

The active ingredients in black seed oil are what make it so powerful in fighting a variety of ailments. These ingredients include thymoquinone, which many studies have shown can prevent the cellular breakdown, all while benefiting the nervous system, memory, and other cognitive functions. Other health benefits of Nigella Sativas ingredients include:

Blood Sugar Management
Improved Respiratory System
Improved Digestive System
Eczema and Psoriasis
Thinning Hair

With all these potential benefits, you may be wondering how exactly youre supposed to ingest this incredible oil. That depends largely on what youre using it for! You can ingest it or rub it on your skin or scalp, but in any case, please follow all the instructions.

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