BOTB- Italian Herbs & Garlic Bone Broth 390g

BOTB- Italian Herbs & Garlic Bone Broth 390g

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A delicious Italian Herb and Garlic grass-fed bone broth gelatine packed with bone broth protein (NOT a powder but a gut-healthy, living, enzyme and nutrient rich gelatin) - a highly absorbable collagen protein, 40% collagen, packed with minerals including magnesium, phosphorous, sulfur and calcium; and with 19 critical amino acids known to improve gut, joint and skin health.  Add a spoonful to warm water for a rich, delicious broth or use for soups and delicious sauces. 


Certified grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free slow-cooked beef leg bone extract (broth gelatin), organic Italian herbs, organic garlic, evaporated sea salt.  (No dyes,  added yeasts or colours.)