BEE POWER Honey Bee Pops x1

BEE POWER Honey Bee Pops x1

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100% Natural and Nutritious Honey Lollipops!

Love by kids and adults alike our Honey Bee-pops are a healthy lolly alternative that also soothes the throat and provides vitamins and minerals to help aid colds and flus.

Our Bee-Pop’s contain: Omega 3, Calcium, B Vitamins, Zinc, Vitamin C, Gluten Free, Antioxidants.
Contains Eucalyptus Honey and Bee Pollen.


Sugar, Wheat Glucose, 10% Bee Power (Eucalyptus Honeys Bee Pollen), Food Acid (330), Natural Flavours and Natural Colours

CAUTION: This product contains Bee Pollen and may cause allergic reactions.

Australian Made and Owned