HF Flora Digestive Bites 10g

HF Flora Digestive Bites 10g

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A single-serve contains prebiotics to support digestive health and to contribute to a healthy gut microflora (preventative approach).

Green banana and Inulin help regulate bowel movements. Assists to align probiotic count in the gut. Vegan-friendly.

We provide a natural, easy way to help support your health & wellbeing. Contributes to the natural cleansing processes of the digestive system/gut. Contains digestive friendly fruit. For everyday management of digestive health.

Portion Controlled 10g serves.

Bites – Convenient on the go single portion for busy/active consumers.

Source of fibre, No added glucose, No chemical stimulants, Australian Made & Owned.


Dates (52.4%), Figs (11.45%), Pineapple (9.54%), Flax meal, Sunflower seed oil, Brown rice syrup, Humectant (vegetable glycerol), Green banana flour (1.4%), Inulin (0.95%), Magnesium, Spinach powder, Kale powder, Papaya powder. HFBSBV5A | Contains: Sulphites. May be present: tree nuts.


Adults enjoy 10g (one portion) before bed. An additional serving may be consumed.

Ensure adequate daily water intake when increasing fibre in your diet. Suitable for short-term consumption only.


  • Store in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight.
  • Reseal securely after opening.
  • Not recommended for consumption by pregnant, possibly pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding women or children.
  • Caution, eat carefully as this product may contain the occasional date pit.
  • Do not use if film wrapper is broken.
  • Contains: Sulphites
  • May be present: tree nuts