ABSOLUTE ORGANIC- Almond Butter Crunchy 170g

ABSOLUTE ORGANIC- Almond Butter Crunchy 170g

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Our Absolute Organic Almond Butter Crunchy is a premium and natural spread made of 100% almonds with a smooth silky texture and a pleasant mild, sweet flavour. This butter is perfect as a spread on toast, pancakes and waffles, as a topping for fruit salad, yoghurt and ice-cream, or as an ingredient for salad dressings, smoothies and baked goods.

>> No sugar or salt added
>> 5 Health Star Rating
>> Vegan
>> Kosher
>> Dairy-free
>> Gluten-free
>> Reusable glass jar


Certified Organic almonds

Allergen- May be present: peanuts, other tree nuts and sesame seeds.

Average Quantity Per Serve Per 100g
Serving Size(g) 20 100
Energy(kj) 514 2570
Protein(g) 4.3 21.4
Total Fat(g) 10.5 52.5
Saturated(g) 0.8 4.0
Carbohydrate(g) 1.8 8.8
Sugars(g) 0.9 4.6
Fibre(g) 2 9.9
Sodium(mg) 4 19